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In order to be successful in college, you will need to assemble a team of people who can help you through the many points of transition, development, and growth.

Who should be on your team?

michelle obama quote find people who make you better.
Find people who make you better.

The Coach is the person in your life or a professional who listens to you that asks great questions.

A good coach will ask you questions that will inspire reflection and push you to find deeper meaning, your why, answers to the questions you don’t think to ask because you don’t have perspective

A coach is able to offer suggestions that you may not consider because they have a level of expertise in a specific area, they have experience coaching people who have similar goals and aspirations, and/or they know your strengths and weakness

A coach suggests strategies to help you to improve on a skill or ability, to increase your performance, or reach specific goals.

The Mentor and The Sponsor

The mentor is the person who has the career or position that you aspire to have.

This person is to be closely observed and ask pointed questions.

Ask the mentor about important lessons they have learned or what they would do differently.

Find out how this person got to where they are in their career. The mentor’s story can serve as an outline for you to follow or adapt as your goals evolve.

Listen to their advice and follow their lead.

The Sponsor is different from the mentor in that they have the connections that could get you this position that you want. You will need to find a sponsor after you have gotten clear on your chosen path and are ready to pursue your purpose.

The Connector

The connector is the person who knows everyone and likes to make introductions within their vast network. The Connector and the Sponsor are important people and can sometimes be the same person.

This person is a giver and often goes out is his or her way to share information resources or people in their network that they think may be help you.

It is important to share your goals, dreams and aspirations with this person so that when they meet or think of someone who could help you. He or she will pick the right person(s) to connect you to.

The Librarian

Finding someone who knows the ins and outs of your institution, including those resources or insider secrets that few people know about, will give you an important edged, and will save you time and energy.

A librarian can save you from being stuck and wasting time navigating campus bureaucracies and running from one office to the next. No need to get the runaround or reinvent the wheel if there are people who have successfully laid a clear path for you to follow.

The Teammate and Accountability Partner

It’s important to have people who a bit more experienced but understand what you are going through and have been where you are. These people can listen to you, and support and encourage you when you feel like giving up. Your teammates do not bring drama to your life and help you to not get caught up in negative energy. You teammate can also be your accountability partner helping you to stay focused on doing what it takes to achieve your goals.