What they don't tell you about what it really takes to graduate from college.


Here is my interview with Ray Johnson about his experience as a student at Yale University, being a student during the time of COVID - 19, #NoFailYale, being an African American Studies major, and his advice and lessons learned for current and future college students.

Living Your Purpose While in College and What They Don't Tell You About Scholarships

Zaniya Lewis is founder of the Yes She Campaign and the woman behind the fight against scholarship displacement. Listen to her story and how she wound up on the cover of Seventeen magazine while still in high school. Her story is inspiring and will make us all want to do more.

Navigating the Ivy League with University of Pennsylvania graduate David Thai

In this episode I interviewed David Thai who graduated from University of Pennsylvania in May 2018. We talk about his journey from being a first generation low income students at an Ivy League institution and how he successfully navigated its academic, social and economic challenges and opportunities.

From Homesick Freshman to Professional Project Manager: A Dinner Date with Deidre

I interviewed Deidre McVey an alumnus from La Salle University. Deidre graduated with a Digital Art major and worked as in intern in my office. Please excuse the quality of the sound, it was one of my first interviews and we were at a restaurant. However Deidre shares a lot of good tips for students about why it’s important to follow your own path, the importance of figuring out who you are in college, building your network, and transitioning from college to the world of work.

Office Hours and Success Tips with Alan Winson Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Professor Alan Winson shares advice for first year college students and his experiences teaching students